Why Should Parking Lots be Seal Coated?

Taking care of the parking lot is an important consideration for any business owner or commercial property owner. The parking lot is often the first place that customers will encounter, so making sure it is well presented creates a good first impression of your business. Furthermore, and probably more important, it ensures that your parking lot is in good condition and that both staff and customers are safe when using it.

Whatever type of parking lot you have, it is likely to deteriorate over time. A constant flow of traffic, fluctuations in temperature, and excess rainwater can all leave parking lots looking a bit worse for wear and result in the need for either concrete or asphalt parking lot repairs. The experts at Parking Lot Pros say that one way to minimize the need for these costly repairs is with regular maintenance or the addition of a seal coating, which can prolong the life of the parking lot.

What is Parking Lot Seal Coating?

Seal coating is a protective layer that is applied to a parking lot to prevent damage from the elements and heavy traffic. It is a specially formulated mix of paint, additives, fillers, emulsifying agents, and water and is typically applied with a brush (but it can be sprayed on). Seal coating is applied in thin coats and protects parking lots from water, UV light, oil, gasoline, and salt. It should be reapplied every two to three years for maximum protection and to prolong the life of the parking lot.

Benefits of Seal Coating Your Parking Lot

When a parking lot is seal coated, you will notice the difference in appearance immediately. Seal coating will make the lot look vibrant and well cared for, creating a lasting impression on customers. When seal coating is applied, it can make a parking lot look brand new, brightening up the striping against the rich dark color of the lot.

Seal coating may require an initial outlay but the savings in terms of parking lot repairs means it will pay for itself over time. Seal coating can prevent any small cracks from growing bigger, thus stopping the failure of your asphalt, which as you may already know can be very expensive to repair.

The life expectancy of your parking lot will be greatly extended with a seal coating. The coating acts like a defensive layer against the usual enemies of asphalt, particularly water and harsh weather conditions. Regular application of seal coating then will ensure you don’t have the headache of a full-scale parking lot repair or replacement any time soon.

The seal coating on a parking lot adds to the overall safety because it helps markings to become more visible. Furthermore, the added friction that the seal coating providesminimizes the risk of skidding cars or people slipping in wet or icy conditions.

How to Maintain Your Seal Coated Parking Lot

It is important to remember that just because a parking lot has been seal coated, does not mean that you can just forget about it. You should regularly maintain the parking lot to ensure that it not only looks good but is always safe for use.

This means cleaning it regularly by sweeping away dirt and debris and picking up trash. Check for oil stains left by parked cars and take steps to clean this away immediately. Although seal coating will protect your parking lot from oil, it is better to clean it as soon as it is spotted.

To get the most from your parking lot, speak to your paving contractor about the best ways to care for it.

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