How Do I Make My Own Christmas Light Stakes?

You’ve gone all out when planning your holiday season decorations. You’re going to put on a light show like never before. However, it’s a few weeks before Halloween–the unofficial start to the festive season–and the local hardware store is out of Christmas light stakes.

You can make your own Christmas light stakes with some wire clothes hangers, a pair of pliers, some wire cutters, protective goggles to protect your eyes from flying bits of metal and cut-resistant safety gloves to avoid injuries.

Let’s get into this simple DIY project and learn how you’ll use these everyday tools in nine steps to make your own LED light stakes.

What I Need to Make My Own Christmas light stakes

You’ll need the following items:

  • Wire clothes hangers (one hanger creates four light stakes)
  • A pair of good quality flat-nose pliers
  • Sturdy wire cutters
  • A hammer or small mallet
  • Protective goggles
  • Cut-resistant safety gloves.

Making My Own Christmas Lights Stakes in 9 Easy Steps

Don your safety goggles and gloves before following these nine straightforward steps to turn a wire clothes hanger into four Christmas light stakes:

  1. Hold the wire hanger with the hook pointing upwards.
  2. Make a single cut in the middle of the bottom, horizontal section of the wire hanger.
  3. Cut off the hook as close to the end of the twisted portion, so that you are left with two triangular sections of wire.
  4. Cut each section where the wire bends, to create roughly two 6-inch and two 8-inch lengths of wire.
  5. Hold one length of wire up and use the flat-nose pliers to bend the tip into a loop, roughly horizontal to the remaining length of wire.
  6. Do not close the loop and leave a gap for the LED light wiring.
  7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 with the other three lengths of wire to create loops.
  8. Bend the wire between the loop and straight length so that the loop is slightly angled towards the ground.
  9. Repeat steps 1 to 8 until you have as many Christmas light stakes as you need.

Test your new stakes with your LED Christmas lights and adjust the size of the loops as necessary to prevent the lightbulbs falling through.

How To Install Christmas Light Stakes

Installing your homemade Christmas light stakes is easy:

  1. Install each stake in the ground at regular intervals, using a hammer or small mallet to secure each one.
  2. Run the Christmas light wires through each stake until every bulb is supported.
  3. Flick on the switch and enjoy your holiday display!

You can coat each new stake with a water-resistant paint formulated specifically for metals–your homemade stakes will last longer and fit unobtrusively into your carefully planned display.

Remember to regularly inspect your festive installation for any sign of damage or wear-and-tear to the lightbulbs, wiring, and stakes. Replace and repair broken sections and bulbs regularly to avoid accident and safety hazards.

Final Thoughts

While making your own Christmas light stakes out of wire clothes hangers is a simple process, it could become a time-consuming project if you’re decorating a large area.

Try these Universal Christmas Light Stakes that easily fit C7 or C9 LED lightbulbs sockets. The heavy-duty long-lasting resin stakes can withstand a range of weather conditions and can be installed on lawn or footpaths.

Enjoy some well-deserved rest and relaxation by reaching out to the experienced professionals at Certified Lights for guidance when installing your Christmas light stakes. The team will make sure your colorful light display is safe, secure, and memorable.

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