Decorative Murano Glass Bowls

Centerpieces are the perfect item to decorate and bring attention to your table in a breathtaking way. So why not choose an authentic Murano Glass one? The bright colors and original shapes of our centerpieces are surely going to give your room a new feel and glamorous atmosphere.

At YourMurano, you can find authentic Murano glass-made items, founded on the creative impulses of our skilled Artisans who bravely follow the age-old tradition of Venice’s glassmaking. Master glassmakers’ secrets and skills have been merged to form relationships with top Italian and international interior design ideas, resulting in the creation of several collections, symbols of creativity, and constant material experimentation. Our Murano glass centerpieces are available in a range of forms, of variable colors, with various embellishments and accentuated by unique and precious mixes for external decoration, interior decorating, and design representing a new challenge in the fabrication of artistic glass.

How about a decorative Murano Glass Bowl? These ornamental bowls in Venetian glass are a great answer whether you’re searching for an attractive item to decorate your dining space or an unusual glass present idea to wow family or dear ones! Choose from a variety of patterns, sizes, styles, and hues in our Murano glass bowls. Try the perfect mix to leave people stunned and have fun combining them with other handcrafted glass items to create a unique interior design aesthetic.

Venice’s scenery and the sea become a source of inspiration in which their distinguishing characteristics are evoked in our folded Murano Glass Bowls. Some bowls resemble a shell in colors and shapes, others recall marine movements and spectrum thanks to their magnificent murrine decorations. Surely an amazing design accent for your house also because of their delicate lines and thanks to their exquisite pearled and iridescent reflections, making them a one-of-a-kind work of art. From elegant to futuristic designs, accomplished via the laborious technique of glass blowing, we are sure they are going to stand out wherever you decide to place them.

If you would like an even more original design, you may check our customized engravings and decorations. Highly skilled Murano Glass Artisans are able to convey your idea into their craft. Think about a freehand artistic engraving, in gold or silver, it is going to look stunning, most importantly completely unique and only for you.

At last, remember that the key to a perfect centerpiece is creating a perfect balance with the table. Choose the one that creates a little contrast and make it the protagonist of your dinner! Look at our catalog at YourMurano, feel inspired imagining the beauty and atmosphere a Decorative Glass Bowl would bring.

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