Clever Ideas To Transform Your 2-Room Flexi Homes

One of the housing alternatives that are more budget-friendly for families or households with a lesser income is a 2-room HDB apartment, also referred to as a two-room flexi flat. Apartments with two rooms are another common dwelling for individuals and couples in their golden years. Brightening up your home and bringing your idea of a dream house closer to reality may be accomplished with the help of a concept that is practical and saves space while showcasing your own sense of style and individuality.

There are two different variations of the HDB two-room apartment. The size of Type 1 is roughly 36 square metres, while the size of Type 2 is around 45 square metres. Each comes equipped with a bedroom that has an adjoining bathroom, a kitchen, and a closet or storage space for your belongings.

Are you in search of some inspiration, or are unable to employ the services of Singapore interior design companies? The following are some 2-room flexi design ideas that will crank up that cosy appeal.

Have an Open Mind

By removing the walls that separate your living room and bedroom, you may make your home’s social space larger while also increasing the amount of natural light and fresh air that enters and exits the building. In addition, the two-room flexi flat design features additional space, which in turn gives additional flexibility for a range of uses.

Two Rooms, A Single Television

Are you having trouble deciding whether to put the television in the bedroom or the living room? You may benefit from having a TV wall that rotates around you. This 2-room flexi flat design idea is not only one that saves space, but it also allows you to hang your favourite picture on the opposite side of the wall and gives you the option to switch between various wall displays.

Construct a Flexible-Use Room

With a cleverly concealed wall-mounted bed, you can transform your room into a multipurpose area anytime. Talk about making the most of your available space! One end of the bed is hinged, making it possible to fold it up or stow it away relatively easily. If you fasten a floating table to your bed, it may serve as a workplace while not being used as a place to sleep.

Switch Out Rooms

Consider exchanging your bedroom for your living room if you wish to have a larger and more comfortable bedroom. The concept that the previous bedroom may be changed into other functions, such as a cosy work area or dining room, is one of the more inventive approaches to the design of a 2-room flex apartment. If you don’t like the idea of having an open floor plan in your bedroom, installing a wall might provide you with additional privacy.

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